Where did the idea come from?

It grew (literally) organically from stinky plastic buckets in our families’ kitchens. A few years ago, our hometown of Seattle started curbside collection of food scraps. We loved the idea of composting food waste, but the plastic pails, countertop containers, and compostable bag liners were disgusting, wet stinky additions to our kitchens. So, we started working on ways to make collecting food scraps easier and less gross.

How is {POST}MODERN different from other food waste collection and disposal options?

It’s a cleaner way to collect kitchen food scraps for composting. Plastic, stainless steel and ceramic countertop containers and compostable plastic bags used by most people can stink, leak, require cleanup and make a mess of your kitchen. {POST}MODERN hangs under the sink, out of sight. It’s designed to be moisture- and smell-proof for 10 days (and often more). And, it goes cleanly in to composting when you’re done with it. In testing, we’ve found that because it’s neater and cleaner, people actually use it more and throw less food waste in the garbage or disposal.

Why are the design and materials so important?

It may look like a simple product, but it took a few years and a lot of investment to get it right. The angle of the lid edge was tested over and over to fit the container perfectly for a vacuum-like seal. We tried and tested a bunch of materials and thicknesses—it had to be tough enough to stand up to use in the kitchen, but still break down quickly in municipal and backyard compost. {POST}MODERN caddies are made from 100% recycled corrugated boxes — so you get one more good use out of all those shipping, moving and pizza boxes.

What’s the company’s backstory?

We're a couple creatives that have launched lots of products for big brands, but {POST}MODERN is the first one we’ve created for ourselves. The product kind of represents our philosophy: doing the right thing, and always looking for a better, more powerful way to do it.

While Seattle's collection and composting programs are great, we didn’t love our messy countertop food scrap container and its disgusting leaky liner. So, we set out to create a better, cleaner way to collect food scraps for composting. And here’s what we think is really neat: with {POST}MODERN our families and friends are collecting even more kitchen scraps and keeping more waste out of landfills. We hope you will, too!


Greg and Glenn